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How To Choose Between A Stationary And Portable Oxygen Concentrator

How To Choose Between A Stationary And Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Your Doctor has recently recommended an oxygen concentrator. If this is the case, you may not know where to start looking or even what to look for. It always helps to do your research before making any purchase especially when it comes to oxygen concentrators. Do you need a portable machine, stationary machine, or both? What is the highest 02 setting do you need? What is the maximum weight that you need? Do you need continuous or flow oxygen? Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions because we will cover all of these down below!

Do I need a portable machine or stationary machine?

The answer to this question will vary from case to case. If you or a loved one is someone who spends most of their week at home and does not travel frequently then just a stationary machine might be all you need. Also, if you need a higher level of oxygen then a stationary machine will be a better option. A stationary machine is just like it sounds it is a base unit that typically stays in one place. The average dimension of a stationary machine are about 23″ (H) x 13″ (W) x 11.5″ (D) and weigh about 30-50 lb. I know 30-50 lb is a lot of weight if you need to move the machine, but don’t worry about all machine are on wheels. This will give you the ability to easily wheel it around your house as needed. Once you have it in the desired location just lock the wheels in place and you are good to go.  A big advantage of stationary oxygen is instead of carry around a portable machine with you, you can just plug in a cannula to the machine. You can use a 25ft or even a 50ft cannula to allow you to move seamlessly through your home.

portable oxygen machine is best for people who leave the house often and want to keep up with their day to day life outside of their home. The biggest advantage of portable oxygen is that you can take it anywhere! They are battery powered so they do not have to stay plugged into a wall like a stationary machine. They even can come with car charges to you will be able to keep it charged when traveling. Most oxygen concentrator manufacturers include items such as a lightweight design, additional battery packs, car chargers and even backpacks with their portable models. These items will allow you to do everything from going to the post office and drug store to spending time out on the golf course and even flying to visit friends and family for the holidays.

The Key Consideration when choosing between portable and stationary machine.

The most important key is that to make sure that the liters per minute can match the requirements of your prescription. While stationary models are perfect for those who prefer long days at home, portable models can keep you on the go. For more information on which model to choose, contact the experts at Fresh Air Medical Oxygen today! Our knowledgeable, friendly specialists will assist you in choosing the right model for your lifestyle and budget. Call today!


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